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Thank you for visiting our website! We also enjoy talking to you and answering your questions so call anytime (9 am to 9 pm EST). Whether shopping to purchase a new light, needing an accessory, or a repair, we are here to help you. The never ending changes in technology and range of options can be quite daunting. We are happy to help and gladly will answer all questions. We have options for all budgets, level of brightness needed, color, and style of light. Looking for more colored LED? W have several options available.  ALL LIGHT PACKAGES we offer now come with SMART CHARGERS. One of our business aims is to continually improve our products and service so this is just part of that process.

  • We continue to add new LED light packages all types of hunting and outdoor activities. Check our FAQ page for a quick comparison of brightness and applications.
  • We offer LED heads all levels of brightness, colors and walk light LED so we are sure to have one to fit your needs.
  • If at any time you have difficulty or questions please do not hesitate to call or email.    We answer all messages as soon as we can. Phone orders are always welcome.

Predator and Coon Hunting Lights by Star Hunting Lights!
    Star officially began manufacturing and selling coon hunting lights in 2006. At Star we specialize in lights for all of your outdoor needs, coon hunting lights, predator hunting lights, bowfishing lights, LED hunting lights, and lights that are great for fishing at night too! We offer light repair for most makes and models. Check out our line of belt and cap light. Our cap lights are very bright ranging from 600 to over 1400 lumens, and come with a 4 position click switch. Our LED cap Lights and coon hunting lights offer unbelievable performance. They are very bright and reliable. The original Quasar LED Cap Light – the first cap coon hunting light that came with a 4 position click switch. The LED 3 head on belt or box light offers the best combination of lite weight and brightness. The Bushwhacker and Hellcat heads are the best on the market! We also carry a variety of 6 to 21 volt box and belt lights with traditional mining 5100 style heads. These are the old tried and true coon hunting lights that can be worn on a bump cap, soft cap, or neck strap. Add a StarSpot II and your favorite color pop cover, and you will be ready for the nite hunts! Want a 5200 genuine wheat head for your light, we have those too! Along, with many other parts and accessories you might need. Star Hunting Lights also offers repair work and custom built coon hunting lights, so contact us today for a quote on your custom build!