Frequently Asked Questions

How do I compare the different LED heads?
We offer several LED heads on lights that we build and the comparison is always a challenge (this list does not include the Starter LED heads). I have tried to place their specifications here so you can quickly compare their brightness and if they can be readily used on your battery pack. The heads offered can be used on any battery pack of the voltages listed. HOWEVER, be aware that you may not be able to dim them appreciably unless you have a switch designed for an LED.

LumensVoltage Range
7 REDeye

Why does my light go out when I have the head set on the high side of the bulb?
When using the high side of the bulb for extended periods the switch must be set on its highest setting. The lower power settings are intended for the low side of the bulb. There is a fuse that protects the switch from the high current needed for the high side of the bulb. This also prevents you from inadvertently draining the battery by unknowingly leaving it set on the high side. Think of the high side as a spotlight and use it only when you need a bright light.

My battery is dead and my smart charger will not charge it?
The nimh batteries will drain while they are not being used. It is their nature so if you have not used your light in some time it may be completely drained and the smart charger recognizes this as a bad battery. One thing that will often help is to charge it for 1 to 2 minutes with a “dumb” charger. This is just a wall transformer and can be almost any voltage (like used for phones). This will often kick start the batteries then the smart chargers will take off. Always try to charge your nimh batteries every 30-60 days to prevent this.

How do I purchase your products?
Feel free to email us about any light, part or accessory you need. We usually have it or can order it, and are happy to give you a quote on any special setup you request.

What if I just need a battery pack or parts?
Feel free to email us about any light, part or accessory you need. We usually have it or can order it, and are happy to give you a quote on any special request.

How can I extend the bulb life?
Bulb life can be greatly extended if you always turn on the bulb from the battery pack. Starting from the lowest power setting and increasing brightness allows the bulb to warm up. NEVER switch the bulb from the low side to the high side with the battery pack on its highest setting. This can cause the bulb to blow. Always turn the power down, or off, before switching the head from low to high.

How long should I charge my light?
Most times overnight charging will be adequate. A fully drained battery will charge in 24 hours. When in doubt see if the battery pack is warm to the touch. Always unplug if the battery pack is warm. A warm battery pack is fully charged, a hot battery pack is over charged.