21 Volt Belt Light + Smart Charger Package


Package Includes: Battery pack, belt, head, bulb, spare bulb, and smart charger.

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We highly recommend this combination if you are looking for a belt light. It features a 21-volt 4 amp-hour nickel metal hydride (nimh) battery. Weighs only 2.5 pounds total. It uses a rotary 7-position on-off switch which allows control of both the head and the walk light. This light will burn approximately 9 hours continuously on the low side of the bulb, about 1.5 hours on the high side. The smart charger has an LED to indicate charging and shuts off to not overcharge the batteries. Just come home, plug it in, and forget it. The belt light comes standard with a belt with one accessory strap and a walking light with an LED bulb that has very minimal battery drain. It will burn and get you out of the woods when the head will no longer burn (spotlight jacks, although pictured, will not be added). This light comes with our full 3 year warranty. Choose your desired belt size from the drop-down menu below.

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