Hellcat Box Light


The Hellcat has everything one could ask for in a hunting light. The head is light weight, weighing less than 8 ounces. The case weighs only 7 ounces, is only 1 inch thick and has molded belt loops on the back. It is the brightest light we offer, having an exceptionally bright and focused spot. It has over 4 hours burn time on high. It has 4 accessory LED modules, 2 for walking plus red and amber. The walk light is bright enough for any terrain. The colored LED have been recently improved and brighter than ever to give you options for any condition. It has a 9 position switch providing the following options;

NEW: We recently added an additional option to our belt and box lights- a HIGHER CAPACITY battery pack. Because the belt and box lights offer more battery space, we can use a battery pack that offers 10,500 mah as opposed to our standard 7000 mah packs. That is a 50% increase in burn times for these packs. This is an OPTION. The standard packs provide great burn times, but you can choose to add this if desired, using the drop-down menu below.

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Switch Settings
• Click 4 – High spot light
• Click 3 – Low spot light
• Click 2 – High walk light
• Click 1 – Low walk light
Center – off
• Click 1 – Low Amber
• Click 2 – High Amber
• Click 3 – Low Red
• Click 4 – High Red
Light comes with an automatic charger and a 2 year warranty.

Additional information

Battery Pack

10,500 mah, 7000 mah


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