Hipster Bushwhacker Lite 21-volt Belt Light


This is our newest offering the Hipster belt light.  It provides a more comfortable battery pack that rides on your hip with the control box right where you need it.  All other features are the same. The battery pack is a 21-volt nimh battery and is rated at 4000 mAH and weighs less than 2 3/4 pounds. Plus it has spotlight jacks if you want to add a spotlight.

Two-year warranty on LED, 3 years on battery pack.

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If you want the brightest without paying for all the bells and whistles check this out. This is our brightest LED head producing 1400 lumens. We have combined it with a 21-volt belt light pack to maximize the performance. The head is light weight weighing only 8 ounces. It features a bright white LED with a tight spot that will shine the tallest trees. This head has no accessory LED, just the main white LED. The battery pack has LED walking light. It is light, it is bright and it has a 5 position click switch with a standard phono jack on the cord. Add to this exceptional burn times;Position 1: 400 hours Position 2: 100 hours Position 3: 50 hours Position 4: 6 hours

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