LED 3 Box Light + Smart Charger Package


We think this light has a lot of features you will like. The battery pack is a 15-volt nimh battery and is rated at 4000 mAH and weighs less than 2 pounds. This battery pack provides the maximum brightness for this head. Two-year warranty on LED, 3 years on battery pack. Contact us with any questions. Choose your desired pop cover color from the drop down menu.

Package Includes: Battery pack, head, smart charger and pop cover.

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The LED 3 head is truly amazing. The head is based on the same head as our single LED heads. It features three CREE LED that are rated 5 watts and 228 lumens each providing a combo that will shine the tallest trees. It comes standard with a pop cover. It is light, it is bright and it has a 5 position click switch. It has a very focused beam that throws a tight spot. Add to this exceptional burn times;Position 1: 600+ hours Position 2: 300+ hours Position 3: 60+ hours Position 4: 6+ hours

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Pop Cover Color

Amber, Red


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