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We would like to introduce our new LEP hand light. Use it as you would a spotlight to see extreme distances. LEP stands for Laser Excited Phosphor. It is a completely different technology than LED. LEP is lighting technology that produces strong, efficient light with an emphasis on beam distance Highly Focused Intensity. It uses a laser to excite a phosphor that is excited to emit bright white light. The response when I first saw one of these was just “wow”. It is unique. It will easily shine 1000 yards. Think of it as a white laser pointer. It will provide you with the ability to see things you have never seen before. I see the application of this unique technology as giving you the ability to view objects at greater distances “clearly”. Those times when you wished you had a little more ability to see high in those trees. It is too bright to provide useful light to work or walk with. It will be good for shooting and seeing objects at greater distances. DO NOT SHINE IN ANYONES EYES. It is manufactured from aircraft-grade high strength aluminum with a premium anodized finish and is 6 inches in length. It is water resistant and weighs only 9 ounces so it is a pleasure to carry.
We are pleased to offer our new StarSpot. It provides a really tight spot and visible light for those hard to see places where you need that extra power.



See photos for light features. Unscrew head to provide access to USB-C charging port (same as android chargers). Comes with cable that plugs into USB port.
Options include a custom Nylon Belt Pouch

Additional information

Nylon Belt Pouch

Add (+$25), Not Needed

1 review for StarSpot LEP Hand Light

  1. Tim Knox

    This is an OUTSTANDING Light….!!!
    Very easy to carry and as bright as you need.
    Reaches in those tight spots in the big trees.

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