USED SHL LED Box Light with Laser


This light is like new and is only a few months old but offered at a greatly reduced price.  It has the 10,500 mah battery pack.

The SHL LED Cap Light with Laser brings all the features you seek . The head is light weight, weighing less than 7 ounces. Coupled with that, the cap is very balanced. The spot light is powered by a XPL LED and provides 1000 lumens with up to 4 hours burn time on high. It has 3 accessory LED modules, 1 for walking plus red and green along with a red laser pointer.

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Switch Settings • Click 1 – High spot light • Click 2 – Low spot light • Click 3 – High walk light • Click 4 – Low walk light • Click 5 – Off • Click 6 – Low red • Click 7 – High red • Click 8 – Low green • Click 9 – High green • The bright Red Laser is operated with a toggle switch on the control box. Control box has belt loops. Light comes complete as shown with an automatic charger and a 2 year warranty.


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